New Support Areas in IGIS Office Hours: Earth Engine, Cal-Adapt & Google Apps Script

Reposted from iGIS 4/12/21.

For the past several years, IGIS has been offering online Office Hours for the ANR community on a range of topics related to geospatial science and technology. In 2020, we increased our Office Hours appointments to 4 hours a week. Today the IGIS team is pleased to announce the addition of three new topic areas to our lineup of support for 2021:

Google Earth Engine (January-May 2021 only). Earth Engine is an online platform from Google that provides access to a vast array of imagery and a powerful scripting language for analysis and visualization. Annie Taylor, who taught two extremely popular Earth Engine workshops in 2020, is an Earth Engine whiz and will help you get over any Earth Engine bumps you may be facing.

Cal-AdaptCal-Adapt provides access to climate data and visualization tools from California’s 4th Climate Change assessment. We work closely with the Cal-Adapt team on a couple of projects and love to talk about climate data. Need to work with Cal-Adapt data in a programming environment? IGIS’s Shane Feirer and Andy Lyons have developed add-ons to work with Cal-Adapt data in Python, ArcGIS Pro, and R. 

Advanced Google Sheets and Google Apps Script. Underlying Google Sheets, Forms, Docs, and other GSuite apps is a powerful scripting language called Apps Script. We use these tools a lot (in fact the sign-up system for Office Hours is driven by Apps Script), so if you want to do something out-of-the-box with Google Sheets, automate your work, or develop integrated workflows across applications, we might be able to help. 

These new topics are in addition to our usual portfolio of support subjects, including:

GIS – desktop software, web GIS, mobile data collection, automation

drones – safety and regulations, equipment, mission planning, data processing and analysis, Pix4D, data management

spatial data and analysis – going from questions to workflows, finding data, spatial analysis

R – programming, working with spatial data in R, statistical analysis, Shiny apps 

remote sensing – finding data, image processing and analysis, ENVI

databases – designing data structures, MS Access, SQL

We love Office Hours because it gives us a chance to meet new people, share what we know, and keep us sharp. So please don’t be shy when you have a question or don’t know where to start – sign up for Office Hours!