Participating in DroneCamp


  • Be inclusive – Foster an environment where all participants from all backgrounds are supported and made to feel welcomed.
  • Ensure the safety of all participants – Always make the safety of those around you a top priority.
  • Conduct yourself professionally at all time – Never act in a way that could be construed as harassment or exclusionary.
  • Follow all rules and regulations – To ensure that participants understand and follow rules and regulations all flights at DroneCamp must be overseen by a CSU Monterey Bay or University of California flight instructor.
    • To satisfy University insurance requirements, only CSU and UC drones can be flown on the CSUMB premises during DroneCamp.
    • For more information regarding CSUMB drone policy, refer to


Virtual participants will have live access to all the lecture presentations during DroneCamp.

New this year, the hands-on computer sessions for virtual participants will be hosted prior to DroneCamp for more personalized assistance:

  • June 13th – Intro to Photogrammetry, Pix4D, and Open Drone Map
  • June 14th – Intro to GIS, ArcGIS Pro and QGIS

In-person participants have live access to all the classroom presentations, and will also benefit from the flight workshops where they will have the opportunity to:

  • Fly a variety of drone platforms
  • Directly engage with instructors and other participants
  • Expand their networks
  • Attend drone demonstrations and an interactive equipment showcase
  • Explore the iconic Monterey Bay Area

Light refreshments, lunch daily, and the evening social on Monday evening are also included. Dinners will be the participant’s responsibility. Housing is not available through campus this year. Please be prepared to make your own lodging arrangements.


All DroneCamp participants and instructors have been added to a moderated email list. The primary purpose of the DroneCamp email list is to share information and updates about DroneCamp. Participants are also welcome to use the list to share information, news, and questions related to drone mapping with fellow DroneCampers. The list is moderated and all messages must be approved by an administrator before they go out. Click here to be added to the mailing list.


Housing is not available through campus this year. You will be responsible for making your own lodging and transportation arrangements during DroneCamp.


CSUMB has scaled back their COVID protocols. However, they remain a mask-friendly campus, meaning that anyone who chooses to wear a mask in most indoor spaces is welcome and encouraged to do so.

Review COVID Protocols for Attendees.


Virtual courses like DroneCamp remove many of the geographic barriers for participation, but they also involve new ways of interaction. Just like in-person events, we ask all participants to practice the following general guidelines for community. Note – We will be recording sessions for educational and promotional use by the University of California. Your mics and videos will be turned off for majority of the event.

Mutual Respect
Everyone is welcome regardless of their background or skill level. Please treat each other and all instructors with mutual respect. People learn with different styles and at different paces; instructors will do their best to accommodate everyone.

Sharing Personal Information
Be cautious about sharing any personal information in chat, Q&A or verbally during sessions Anything you share online could in theory be saved and shared with others. Chat history is also captured in session recordings.

Reporting Inappropriate Content and Behavior
If you’re concerned about chat messages or any other kind of inappropriate behavior, first send a private chat message to the session facilitator (host). You may also share concerns by sending a message to [email protected]